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How to record Stage Probability & Opportunity Probability

Sales forecasting is the process of estimating a company’s future sales revenue for a specific period. In Legrand CRM, you can assign a probability to each sales stage or estimate opportunity probability to help forecast sales and drive better sales decisions.

Stage Probability

Stage probability is a percentage likelihood of converting opportunities within a specific stage into sales. For example, opportunities within the ‘Lead-in’ stage may have a 10% likelihood of converting into sales.

Stage probability examples:

Lead-in = 10%
Qualified = 25%
Quoting = 50%
Negotiate sale = 75%
Closing phase = 90%

In the administration settings, click Sales Pipeline > Process & Stages to assign a probability to each sales stage.

NOTE: The default module name for ‘Sales Pipeline’ is ‘Opportunities’. You can change the module names in the screen settings.

Administration settings

Select a stage and click ‘EDIT STAGE’.

Sales pipeline configuration screen

Enter a stage probability number then click SAVE. Repeat the process for each sales stage and exit.

Sales stage configuration

Opportunity Probability

An opportunity probability refers to the likelihood of converting an opportunity into a sale. The probability of selling to an existing customer is typically higher than selling to a new customer. Therefore, Legrand CRM allows you to record the probability for each opportunity in the configurable information section.

Opportunity record in the ‘Details’ view

How to add the opportunity probability field

Click Sales Pipeline > Screen Layout to add the opportunity probability field to the additional information section.

Administration settings

In the layout manager screen, click ‘ADD FIELD’ and use the drop-down to select the opportunity probability field. Click ‘ADD’ and configure the label width as you require. After you add the opportunity field, click SAVE and EXIT.

Screen layout configuration screen

Once you add the opportunity probability field, you can record the probability in the configurable information sections below.

Recording a new opportunity
Updated on 29 August 2022
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