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How to close an Opportunity

Close Opportunity

Go to the Opportunities module and click on the Pipeline View.

NOTE: You can close Opportunities in any of the Views. If you go to the Table View, double-click on the Opportunity to open the record and click ‘Close Opportunity’. In the Details View, select the Opportunity, click the ellipsis icon and select ‘Close Opportunity’.

Click on the ellipsis icon on the Opportunity record and select ‘Close Opportunity’.

Close Opportunity from Pipeline

Select an outcome, enter the reason and select ‘CLOSE‘.

Close Opportunity

NOTE: You can predefine the outcome reasons in the configuration settings.

Close and Create New

Alternatively, you can click ‘CLOSE AND CREATE NEW’ to close the Opportunity in the current pipeline and create a record in a different sales pipeline.

Close Opportunity and create a new record in a different Pipeline
Updated on 29 August 2022
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