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How to retrieve a financial summary for an MYOB EXO Customer in Legrand CRM

MYOB EXO Accounting Summary

Go to the Companies module and select a company. Users with permission should be able to access the ‘Accounting’ tab. The accounting summary shows the customer’s account code, accounting ID, account type, groups, sales statistics, receivables and notes from MYOB EXO.

Accounting Summary

Enable Live Access

If you have ‘Live Access’ enabled, Legrand CRM will automatically retrieve updates from MYOB EXO when you click the Accounting tab.

If you are an administrator in Legrand CRM, go to the administration settings and select Users > Manage Roles to enable live access.

Select the user account’s role and click ‘Change Role Permissions’.

NOTE: If you add a new role and set up the permissions, ensure that you assign user account(s) to the role afterwards.

Scroll down to the permission category ‘Accounting Link’ and tick the box for ‘Live Access Enabled’.

User Permissions

NOTE: Changes to user permissions will not take effect until the next login.

Go to our guide here to learn more about controlling access to accounting information.

Retrieve the latest financials from MYOB EXO

User accounts that do not have live access enabled can still retrieve financial updates from MYOB EXO. Click on the drop-down menu in the ‘Accounting’ panel and select ‘Get latest financials from MYOB EXO’.

Updated on 29 August 2022
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