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How to specify Data Transfer Rules for ABM Integration

Go to the administration panel and click on Accounting > Edit Transfer Rules to define the transfer rules.

Address Transfer and Mapping Rules

Direction of address updates for Customers or Vendors/Suppliers

Select ‘Get update from ABM to Legrand CRM’ if you want ABM to control Customers’ or Suppliers’ addresses and receive updates in Legrand CRM from ABM.

Alternatively, select ‘Send update from Legrand CRM to ABM’ to manage Customers’ or Suppliers’ addresses in Legrand CRM and send updates to ABM.

ABM to Legrand CRM address mapping

Click the checkbox ‘ABM Customer deliver address maps to Legrand street address, and ABM Customer postal address maps to Legrand postal address’ to ensure that ABM’s address fields map to the correct Legrand CRM address fields.

Updating Legrand CRM company notes and ABM customer notes

When you retrieve address updates, you can copy ABM ‘notes’ into Legrand CRM or copy Legrand CRM ‘notes’ into ABM. Tick the checkbox ‘Update Legrand CRM company notes‘ to copy ABM notes into the Legrand CRM company notes field when you retrieve address updates from ABM to Legrand CRM.

Alternatively, tick the checkbox ‘Updating ABM customer notes’ to copy Legrand CRM company notes into the ABM notes field when you send address updates from Legrand CRM to ABM.

Click ‘SAVE’ once you define the data transfer and mapping rules.

Updated on 29 August 2022

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