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How to Edit Ticket Properties

The Properties panel displays information about each ticket. Agents can update information such as a ticket’s status or re-assign a ticket to another support agent. To edit ticket properties, select a ticket from any screen view. In the properties panel, click on the ‘Edit’ icon located on the right. Update the properties as needed, then click on the ‘Save’ icon. 

Default Ticket Properties:

  • Summary: The subject title of the email sent by the requester. 
  • Description: When a user sends an email, the body of the email is used as the Description.
  • Support Agent: The assigned agent responsible for the ticket.
  • Status: Ticket status is used to track the progress of each ticket until it is resolved. E.g. New, In Progress, On-Hold and Pending.
  • Priority: Used to determine how quickly a ticket needs to be resolved.
  • Asset: An asset is an item you sell and track. Assets may include hardware, service contracts, support contracts, memberships or subscriptions etc. If you are using the optional asset module, you can link an asset to a ticket.
Updated on 29 August 2022
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