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How to configure email retrieval for Service Desk

The Service Desk module provides the option to retrieve emails sent to a specific address and stores them in the ‘Inbox’ view. You can enable this feature and specify the email address in the Service Desk settings.

Go to the Service Desk module and click the settings icon on the right.

Click the ‘E-mail Account’ checkbox and enter the email account details:

Mail Server: The name of your email provider’s incoming server (POP).

Username: Your customer service or support email. For example, support@yourcompany.com.

Password: The password for the email account.

Authentication Method: You can choose between basic authentication or OAuth 2.0 to establish the connection. Click here to find out how to enable OAuth2.0.

Support User: The display name for outgoing emails (the name your recipient will see when you reply to or forward a ticket).

Support Email: The outgoing email address (the address your recipient will see when you reply to or forward a ticket).

When setting up the email account, please note that you need to specify the Mail Server name, Username & Password for the incoming (POP) mail server. It is not the same as the settings used for outgoing (SMTP) mail you would have entered in the ‘User Preference > Email Settings’ screen. Your IT Support technician or email provider can advise you with the correct settings.

Important: When you download emails into the Service Desk Inbox, the emails will no longer be available in your mail program (e.g. Outlook). If you want to be able to read and reply to emails in your mail program and process them in Legrand CRM, we recommend to:

  1. Set up a new mailbox (e.g. support.download@yourcompany.com).
  2. Specify the new mailbox in the Service Desk settings.
  3. Configure the existing mail account to auto-forward incoming emails to the new mailbox. This method enables you to retain a copy of the email. Contact your IT Support or email provider to help set this up.
Updated on 23 February 2023
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