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How to Import Standalone Contacts

Standalone contacts are contacts that are not associated with a company. In Legrand CRM, you can import standalone contacts from a CSV file into Legrand CRM.

In Legrand CRM, click on the icon in the top left corner to access the administration panel.

Select Data > Import > Standalone Contacts.

Select the blue folder icon to locate the Excel file and click ‘NEXT’.

Legrand CRM automatically maps the file’s column headings to the CRM contact fields. However, you can also manually map the column headings to Legrand CRM contact fields.

Select the ‘Target’ drop-down field and locate the matching Legrand CRM contact field. Click ‘NEXT’ to proceed once you match all the fields.

Use the drop-down field to select the criteria for matching contact records. You can search for matching contact records with the same FirstName + LastName, FirstName + LastName + Email-1 or LastName + Email.

If a contact record already exists in your CRM, you can ‘Skip the record’ or ‘Update the record’. Click ‘Next’ once you select the criteria.

Click ‘IMPORT’.

Legrand CRM provides a summary of the import once it is complete.

Updated on 2 November 2023
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