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Products & Assets Overview

Legrand CRM has a convenient item tracking process to track and manage items that have been sold by your company. Item tracking is an important aspect of sales management and customer service. The Assets module enables your sales or customer service team to resolve any issues regarding a specific product a customer has bought from your company. For example, if a client has a compliant about an item they have purchased from your business, your team can easily trace the item back and replace it. Items may be hardware, service contracts, support contracts, memberships and subscriptions or any other item that has an expiry date or a serial number and must be tracked.

Legrand CRM’s item tracking consists of two modules: the Assets and Products module. The Assets module provides specific details of the product that are captured when a product is sold. Legrand CRM also enables you to view any Issues related to the Asset within the same module. Whereas, the Products module defines the generic product to be sold. Products are defined with a part number, description, and category which can be linked to a supplier.

Assets Module: The Assets Module is a Add-On for Legrand CRM. See our pricing information on our website to learn more.  

Product Definitions: Products only need to be defined once per type. For example, if the products being sold are printers, then it’s only necessary to define a product for each model (Acme model A1000, A2000, A3000). Then each time one is sold it is tracked in the Assets module each time with a unique serial number.  

Updated on 29 August 2022

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