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How to create contact lists using tags

Tags are unique identifiers used to segment companies and contacts into lists. For example, you can use tags to create targeted mailing lists for marketing campaigns.

How to create a tag

Click on the Contacts module in the top header menu and select a contact record from the contact list.

Click ‘Add/Remove Keyword Tags’ in the contact record.

Enter a tag name and click on the ‘add’ icon on the right. The tag should appear in the ‘Selected Keyword Tags’ list.

Click ‘SAVE’ once you create the tag.

How to add tags to a contact

The ‘Available Keyword Tags’ list displays previous tags you created in Legrand CRM. You can assign existing tags to any contact.

Select the tag from the ‘Available Keyword Tag’ list and click the ‘Add Tag’ button to assign it to a contact. Alternatively, click the second icon to assign all existing tags.

Click ‘SAVE’ once you assign the tags.

NOTE: You can also double-click tags to assign or remove them.

How to remove selected tags

Select the tag you would like to remove and click the ‘Remove Tag’ button.

Updated on 26 September 2023
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