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How to configure the screen layout

Legrand CRM enables you to configure the screen layout of each Module. You can display certain information that is relevant to your business and in the sequence you prefer. Users can configure the interface through the administration panel or using various icons on the screen for basic configuration. 

Throughout Legrand CRM there are icons that enable you to choose what information you want to display. Simply click on the settings icon or arrow icon as shown to select the information you want to show or hide. To change the size of the columns click on the edge of the column and drag left or right. To sort information in the list, click on the headers to sort Up or Down.

To change the screen layout of the main section and information tabs, go to the administration panel and click on ‘Screen Settings > Screen Layout’

In the ‘Layout Manager’ window, click ‘ADD FIELD’ to display more data in the information tabs.

Use the drop-down bar to select a new field and click ‘ADD’.

In the demonstration, a new data field was created to record a company’s Tax Code details. To change the length of the data fields click on the icon as shown and drag left or right. To remove any data fields in the information tabs click on the red cross.

Note: In the demonstration file, we configured the screen layout for the Companies Module. To edit the screen layout of another module make sure you click on the correct module then go to Administration > Screen Settings > Screen Layout.

In the ‘Layout Manager’ window, tick the box next to ‘Show Panel’ to show or hide the information panel from the module’s screen. Type in the name of the header, choose the amount of Blocks to display and select a Block Margin percentage using the drop-down bars. After you make any changes click ‘SAVE’.

Note: The headers in italics indicate that the panels have not been ticked and are not displayed in the information tabs. 

Updated on 29 August 2022

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