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How to configure Campaign Status Lists

After you send your campaign, you can track your target’s response and record the status in Legrand CRM. Legrand enables you to configure the status list so that it is relevant to your business needs. To configure the campaign status values, go to the administration panel in Legrand CRM and select ‘Campaigns > Define Campaign Status Lists’.

Click on the settings icon to re-name or add a new status list.

In the ‘Status List’ window, click ‘ADD’ then type in a name for the list then save.

You can name the list as ‘Responses’, ‘Campaign Results’ or ‘Results’ etc.

After you create your status list, go back to the ‘Define Status List’ window and define the values for the list.

Select your list and click ‘ADD STATUS’. Repeat the process for the leads status list. For example, you can set the status as ‘Follow up’, ‘New Opportunity’ or Send Sales Quote’ etc.

Updated on 29 August 2022

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