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Legrand Outlook Add-In Overview

Effectively manage your customer communications and track the history of every interaction using the Legrand CRM Outlook Add-In. Legrand CRM Outlook Add-In is a productivity tool that provides a live connection between Microsoft Outlook and your CRM database.

Use the Legrand Outlook Add-In to transfer emails to your CRM database, view contact history and record CRM activities from within Outlook. Note that emails transferred to Legrand CRM are recorded as Activity Notes.

Managing Contacts from Outlook

When you select an email from your inbox, the Legrand Outlook Add-In will search your CRM database for existing contacts that match the sender’s email address.

If the contact exists in your CRM, the Outlook Add-In will display their contact information and recent Activity Notes, Tasks, Calendar Events, Opportunities and Service Desk Requests.

Click the drop-down arrows on the left to expand or collapse each section. You can also click the title of each activity to view the details or edit the record.

To record CRM activities from Outlook, click the plus icon next to Activity Notes, Tasks Opportunities or Service Desk.

Quick Transfer Emails into Legrand CRM

Click the mail icon to transfer a copy of an email into Legrand CRM. You can choose the following transfer options:

  1. Quick Transfer: Transfers a copy of the email in Legrand CRM and stores it as an Activity Note for the contact. You can also choose to transfer the email with or without the attachments.
  2. Advanced Transfer: You can edit the email subject’s title, select who performed the activity, link an Opportunity and choose to include or exclude attachments before transferring a copy of the email.

Conditional Formatting

You can easily identify transferred emails using conditional formatting rules, such as changing the font style and colour to highlight the email.

Read the article Conditional Formatting in Outlook to learn how to use conditional formatting.

Managing New Contacts

When you receive an email from an unknown email address, the Legrand Outlook Add-In provides three options:

  1. Link email address to existing Contact: Add the email address to an existing contact record in Legrand CRM.
  2. Create New Contact: Create a new contact record in Legrand CRM.
  3. Attach email to existing Contact: Transfer a copy of the email message to Legrand CRM and attach it to an existing contact record.

Calendar Settings

The Legrand Outlook Add-In can sync calendar appointments between your Outlook Calendar and Legrand CRM Calendar.

Go to the Legrand Outlook Add-In settings > select Calendar Settings to specify your preferences.

In the calendar settings, you can select an Outlook Calendar to sync to Legrand CRM and specify the sync settings.

  1. Automatic: Sync calendars automatically every 15 or 30 minutes.
  2. Manual: Sync calendars manually. If you choose this option, click the settings icon > select Manual Calendar Sync to sync the calendars.

Manual Calendar Sync

To manually sync your calendars, go to the settings > select Manual Calendar Sync.

A confirmation message should appear once the calendar appointments have synced successfully.

Updated on 8 November 2023
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