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Legrand Outlook Add-In Overview

Effectively manage your customer communications and track the history of every interaction using the Legrand CRM Outlook Add-In. Legrand CRM Outlook Add-In is a productivity tool that provides a live connection between Microsoft Outlook and your CRM database. Use the Legrand Outlook Add-In to transfer emails to your CRM database, view contact history and record CRM activities from within Outlook. Emails transferred to Legrand CRM are recorded as activity notes. Activity notes can be linked to an existing Opportunity, Campaign or Service Desk ticket.

If you receive an email from an existing CRM contact, you can record Activity Notes, Tasks, Calendar Appointments, Opportunities or Customer Service tickets all from within Outlook. For unknown contacts, you can ‘Create New Contact’, ‘Add email address to existing Contact’ or ‘Attach email to existing Contact’.

After you transfer an email into Legrand CRM, the email’s font, style or colour will change based on the conditional formatting rules. View the article ‘Conditional Formatting in Outlook’ to find out how to specify the appearance of transferred emails.

The Legrand Outlook Add-In also enables you to sync calendar appointments between your Outlook calendar and Legrand CRM calendar. Define the calendar settings to specify automatic or manual transfer.

Updated on 29 August 2022

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