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Lead Inbox Overview

The Lead Inbox collects emails from contact form submissions on your website and can retrieve emails sent to a general email address such as sales@yourcompany.com or info@yourcompany.com.

The Lead Inbox has four sections:

  1. Header Menu: Where you can set up the Lead Inbox, download emails, filter emails by type and manage/delete spam.
  2. Email Preview: A list view and visual summary of emails or contact form submissions. To manage spam, select the email from the list, right-click and select ‘Ignore’.
  3. Automatic Search: Legrand CRM automatically searches your database for an existing company or contact to help you avoid creating duplicate records. Legrand CRM searches for a Company Name, Contact Name and Email domain to identify whether the lead is new or existing contact.
  4. Record Processing: If the email is from a real company or contact interested in your products or services, you can proceed to record the Contact, Company, Opportunity, Activity Note, Ticket and Task. Legrand CRM helps reduce data entry by automatically populating the fields with data based on information found in the retrieved email or contact form submission.
Updated on 29 August 2022
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