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Renew, Remove or Transfer a licence

The Legrand CRM login screen will warn you 14 days before your subscription expiry date. Click ‘Renew Licence’ to initiate an immediate check-in with the licencing service to renew your licence. 

Ensure you renew the licence before the expiry date. Once a subscription has expired, the login will be disabled. 

Renew Licence

Enter your Name, Email, Serial Number, Site Number and Administrator’s Email in the licence renewal form. Once you complete the form, click ‘REGISTER’.    

Remove Licence

Click ‘Remove Licence’ to unregister a licence from your machine. If you are transferring a licence, make sure you record the Licence Details before you remove the licence.  

Transfer Licence

If you are replacing an old PC, you can transfer the existing licence to the new PC. On the old machine, click ‘Licence Details’ and take note of the Serial Number, Site Number and Admin Email. You will need this information to re-register the licence on a new PC.

Return to the login screen and click ‘Remove Licence’ to remove the licence from the old PC.  

On the new PC, click ‘Register Licence’ and enter your licence details to register the licence.

Note: If the previous PC is unavailable due to failure, theft or other reasons, please contact support@legrandcrm.com quoting the site number, serial number or registered email. We will then be able to manually release the licence.  

Updated on 29 August 2022

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